Choosing Arthur’s Name


Choosing a baby name can be one of the most divisive topics during pregnancy and post birth. We have some friends who could only decide on the babies name when it became a legal requirement to register the birth. For years I would imagine what I would call my baby, I would hold the names fondly and imagine that babe would be like. So when I became pregnant and realised that I wasn’t the only one who had a choice in this, my little name bubble was burst. It wasn’t what “I” wanted – it was “we”.  Notice all the “I’s”. I soon realised that although I was carrying our baby – obviously I wasn’t the only parent and not the only one to make decisions. Brad has to feel included also.

Irish Names

I partly imagined having a kid with a Gaelic name. I love the really old school and less popular Gaelic names such as Donnagh and Aifric. These were my favourite two for a boy and a girl.

The realities of Gaelic names outside of Ireland however is a lifetime of mispronunciations.

My little sister Niamh has been called “Nimph” in work and received a Christmas card from her Grandmother-in-law saying “Dear Neigh”. This cracks me up every time!

I kept some Gaelic names in my pile, chancing it but we wouldn’t mutually agree on them.

Brads Names

Brad had his pile of names. Brad’s favourite name for a boy is Harry. However considering we have a dog named Harry – we joked about renaming him Gary so the baby could take Harry’s name. Then the joke escalated about poor Gary feeling put out as the baby came along to steal all the attention and his name. Other names Brad loved were Reggie and Maximus.

Popular Names

We had a list of names we both kind of liked, however I realise now they are names that are quite popular. Theo, Sebastian, Jackson – they all stuck on the list until the end but I kind of knew that Brad wouldn’t swerve. He’s the type of person that would associate the baby name with anyone he knew with that name.

The Non-Western Name

I really liked the name Qaisar. Brad liked it too, but spelt “Kaiser”. This stuck for a little while. We also had Byron as a name running through the pregnancy as we’d fallen in love with Byron Bay when we went camping there during the early weeks.

The Final Week

We’d narrowed it right down.

  • Archer
  • Archie
  • Arthur

Archer didn’t sit right in the end. I felt Archie was quite popular so looking more into Arthur – we knew we had the right one.  Arthur stems from the Gaelic “Art Ri”, meaning “High King”. I was happy to have my Gaelic twist on what is traditionally quite a typical English name. Also Brad was liking it because it was from his favourite childhood movie “The Sword and the Stone” – I thought this was sweet. Also Arthur has his own phrase in Ireland “to Arthur!” which encompasses merriment, joy and Guinness!

So there you have it – how we picked Arthurs name.

“To Arthur!”

How did you agree in picking your baby name?




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