Plastic Free Dental Care

One of my favourite plastic free and low impact swaps has to be dental care. I’ve been using various bamboo brushes and natural products for well over a year now. It was actually the “green Friday” sales last year which encouraged me to take up an offer on Georganics sale. They are a small, independent company which beautifully package their products in fully recyclable jars and boxes. Not a whiff of plastic off this wonderful delivery.

I must admit since becoming a mum, basic acts of self care seems like a treat. Often in the depths of sleep deprivation I would question whether I had actually managed to brush my teeth that day. So achieving the likes of flossing, charcoal brushing and really pushing the boat out with a mouth wash is actually so refreshing.

Here are some of my favourite low impact dental products:


I have tried a number of the Georganics toothpastes, including the charcoal, peppermint and mandarin. However my favourite so far has to be Truthpaste.  Truthpaste uses a delicious blend of essential oils, neem, myrrh and aloe vera for a truly refreshing scrub. Admittedly, prior to getting into these pastes I wondered how clean my teeth would feel. I can now confirm they feel amazing! Even Brad is converted.


I’m not sure you’ll find a dandier refillable floss than this. I’m hoping to have this for as long as possible and top up when needed.

Charcoal powder

This plastic free tooth whitener is great for giving gnashers an extra polish. I used this regularly on the run up to our wedding. A great, natural alternative to chemical based teeth whiteners in usual drugstores.

Bamboo brush

I must admit I love a good bamboo brush, but I’ve had some awful ones that were too rough. Georganics one is shaped beautifully. Its got the perfect density of bristles. I like that they offer a bulk buy option, so when I can afford it I’ll get four at a time.

Mouthwash tablets

These mouthwash tablets are a great plastic free alternative. The jar is a nice alternative to the bog standard bottle of listerine lurking in the corner. Just pop the tablet in a drop of water – watch it dissolve and enjoy the gurgle!

This is a brilliant article on how to further make your bathroom and laundry more sustainable.

There is obviously a higher cost for these products. However considering the environmental impact numerous plastic brushes, tubes and pots from dental care make their way to landfill and oceans, it’s definitely a fun area to make some changes. Even if it’s one step at a time. The packaging is all so beautiful and fully recyclable to make your heart sing.

I must admit however, for the first time in a year we ran out of our beautiful, natural toothpastes and had to make a purchase from the local drug store. I got a vegan, Superdrug own brand paste which was 95p. Ordinarily I would feel bad for this – however reflecting on all the changes I had made in that year otherwise, I think I’m doing alright. I’m not here to be perfect. I figured over the Christmas season also money is tighter so maybe next month when our rank Superdrug toothpaste is gone, I’ll be back on the delicious Truthpaste wagon. Its really made me appreciate these beautiful products compared to mass produced shite.

Remember UK pregnant ladies and mothers, dental care is free on the NHS during pregnancy and for the first year postpartum. Apparently our teeth go through all sorts of changes when we become a mum.

Now I myself need to stop making excuses and get myself to the dentist!

Lots of love,

Gill x

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