The realities of going to an event with a toddler


Trying to make a crack at blogging means sometimes I’m fortunate enough to be invited to events. However living away from home and not having mucho familia in the vicinity means Arthur babes gotta come with me.

Let me tell you how our day went for a recent event.

We spent the morning getting ready. I was mentally preparing for getting the train into London. Wondering how Arthur will be and what time he will nap. Getting any snacks and toys prepped for the whole but 4 hours we will be out of the house. Will we get to expel some of his energy before entering the event where he will highly likely run amok? If I get him out of the buggy in the park en route to the train station will he fall over and get muddy? Probably.

Arthur fell into his deep sleep an hour before we had to leave. I found myself downing my second coffee of the day. I was already a bit shaky so the second coffee was questionable, but caffeine gives us super powers so it was drank. Arthur was still sleeping as we were due to leave so I had to rouse him and get his coat on and into the buggy. Understandably, he was disgruntled. I’d be well peeved if someone woke me from a nap, tried to stuff me in a raincoat and drag me to London there and then.

Our walk to the train went smoothly and he defrosted after a bit of boob on the train. Then he was toddling up and down said train as it rocked back and forth, while I used the back of his jumper as a type of dog walking collar so he wouldn’t fall over. Having been to London twice in recent weeks, I can see why parents consider reigns for the children. I know the concept of them seems barbaric – but they could certainly save meltdowns from little independent people not wanting to hold hands and just run in front of a bus casually.

In London – Phoneless

It soon dawned on me as I went to check the time that I had left my phone at home. Argh. I just recall having everything ready, Arthur at the door in his buggy yelling at me to leave and I left it in the hallway. What sort of a bloody so called blogger leaves their phone at home when invited to an event? It’s like a salesman without a pen or Borat without his moustachio. I then had the dilemma of trying to figure out my way to the event from Vauxhall without knowing the address.

I had a vague idea it was in the Oval direction so started walking down “Fentimans Street” which I was certain I recognised the name from the email. I smugly strolled down the street waiting to stumble across the venue. Town house after town house passed until I reached the end of the street and acknowledged the fact that Fentimans only struck a cord with me because it’s the brand of rose lemonade we used for our wedding drinks.

Good People

Thank goodness for amazing humans out there. I asked a local shop keeper whether he’d heard of the company, explaining in a roundabout way how I’m a feckin’ eejit who’s come to London without my phone and not a clue where I was going. Arthur was being a dream boat munching on snacks, I was worried he might be a ticking time bomb. This kind shop keeper allowed me to google the address. We wasn’t far. I thanked the man a million times, left the shop and of course I walked in the opposite direction. I cant be the only one who does this after looking at a map?

I’m starting to sweat it out now because I CANNOT STAND being late. It is one of my flaws in a way because it grates on me so much and I will literally sprint, even with a buggy to get somewhere at an agreed time. I end up on a housing estate and a few passers by can’t tell me where “Pickle Mews”. Except another kind human, with a little boy around Arthurs age allowed me to google maps it. I knew where I was going now and did my usual million thank yous and sprint with the buggy even though I had ten minutes to spare.

The Event

We attended the Babease HQ for this weaning demo and a chat with founder Tom and Madeline Shaw. It was such a beautiful office space, all set up for Christmas and ready for the event. Arthur was a little older than the other babies there so was the only one running amok as we arrived. Chasing a balloon around, pulling cushions off the nice chairs and perching in precarious places. Then just as the demonstration was taking place, he cracked his head on the corner of a table. It was quite bad as he caught his eye – but he recovered quickly and was running about again. Weaving in and out of the other parents I was frantic running after him, worried he’d hurt himself again. And he did. He cracked his head off the same. F. table. This led to an almighty meltdown, which understandably he had just cracked his head twice. 

Big Emotions

So a swift exit to the lobby to try and chill him out but it wasn’t working. He was hysterical, bless him. Trying to cuddle him, boob him, distract him – it wasn’t working. He was struggling and then worked himself into and awful state. I was wondering at one point had he done some serious damage having cracked his head twice he was in such a bad way. We ended up going for some fresh air. After around 30 minutes we attempted to join the lovely brunch they had set up – with our own little name tags. They’d made a Dahl, Keralan baked cauliflower, dosa and a big green salad – my heavenly lunch! Considering the chaos we’d caused, it’s no surprise the organisers reassured me it was ok if I wanted to head off. I was glad as I could still complete the job at home.

So that was fun! I was so glad to get home. Arthur was happy out until the last stop on the train home where he got super upset again. And then his nappy leaked resulting in him being changed as he swung off my boob on a bench in the train station. Multitasking at it’s finest. So going to an event with a toddler is a bag of laughs. He is absolutely fine now but has a bit of a bump on his head.

I feel we are entering into the toddler phase of big emotions. Arthur seems most content when he’s at home.

How do you balance getting jobs done with kiddies?




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