Glamping in Somerset

A recent trip glamping in Somerset was a tonic for our family. Somerset has such a special place in our hearts as a family. Last year, we married in a gorgeous, small town in Somerset called Bruton. Somerset is such a beautiful, diverse place. The countryside is so refreshing and getting away from hustle and bustle of London is quite therapeutic.

There is literally nothing like the fresh country air to help rejuvinate. It’s also always a bit of a novelty driving past Stonehenge making random guesses of it’s origins, considering stopping off to see it then laughing because its super expensive and we can see it from the car. 

Coming up to my 31st birthday and having not yet honeymooned since marrying in August, I knew I wanted to go glamping in Somerset. I went glamping in Ireland with Arthur for my hen do last year and was dying to do it as a family with Brad. We both love camping anyways but decided to trial out a more comfortable version with Arthur to begin. After a tough few months with Arthur’s health, we knew the outdoors and fresh countryside was exactly what we needed.

Arthur generally is most content whilst outdoors as he has a severe dust mite allergy, so despite managing our home environment the best we can, he still has regular flare ups largely indoors. Glamping in Somerset was the perfect remedy for all our woes!

Glamping In Somerset

Glamping in Somerset

Somerset Yurts are based in the countryside in West Monkton. This is only around a thirty minute drive from the larger towns of Taunton and Glastonbury. The owner, Emma was always on hand for any queries and we self checked in. We found our Yurt straight away as we had requested one closest to the facilities. With around 8 yurts on site, 2 lodges and a shared kitchen area, only two of the other yurts were occupied in this weekend. There was an actual storm expected that night so I’m not surprised people decided to stay indoors!

The yurts themselves are gorgeous and homely on the inside. It had a table and chairs for dining. A cast iron log burner, a futon which folds out into a bed, a cosy double bed with surprisingly plenty of room. Being such a stormy and chilly weekend, we made the most of the log burner with bags of firewood at £5. We made use of the kettle for hot tea in the evenings and the bed was super comfortable. A futon was available however little man always ends up sleeping in with us. We loved cranking ups he log burner on the first, stormy night. It was so toasty and cosy indoors listening to the wind blowing wildly outside.

Glamping in Somerset

Glamping in Somerset – Car Journey with Toddler

The drive from Surrey to West Monkton in Somerset is around 2.5 hours. We had a quick stop off at the motorway facilities for Brad to stretch his back and Arthur to have a little run around and freshen up. Knowing how restless Arthur can get during car journeys, he’s at the age where he needs lots of entertainment and distractions.

I packed some mini books, word and picture cards, a mini notebook and pens, his favourite little sheep and some of his multicoloured wooden toys. He ended up getting entertainment by just repeatedly throwing them on the floor while I scooped them back up again. He loves anything with lids so my trusty water bottle helped! And of course YouTube is a life saver for stretching the last bit of the journey. We always try to time to beginning of the journey with his nap so the first hour was covered. 

We realised towards the end of our car journey that Arthur gets car sick! Luckily we were almost at our destination, however I now know to keep snacks as light as possible during the trip. The poor little guy didn’t know what was happening chucking up everywhere. Luckily I had a change of clothes for him at hand, however not for myself. I will remember to pack light clothing for myself like a spare pair of leggings and vest top in his change bag for easy access after a situation as such.

Highlights – Glamping in Somerset with a Toddler

 Glamping in Somerset

Waking up in nature

Sometimes the highlights of a trip away are in the most simple moments.

One of my favourite moments during this weekend was the Saturday morning, waking up after a very windy, stormy night. It was fairly chilly but we were so toasty in the bed, Arthur in the middle of us as usual. It was still pitch black, the top of the yurt was flapping wildly in the wind following a storm the previous night.

Ordinarily when Arthur wakes up, he is straight up out of the bed and yelling at me to follow suit so we can go and play at 6am. He obviously recognised we were somewhere else other than home and that it was chilly. He said “brrrr” – we all had a little chat while still cosied up under the thick blankets.

Arthur drank some milk at this point and I could just about see his little eyes peeking up at the roof flap. I was kind of waiting for him to just jump up and bowl out the front door of the yurt. But he stayed put, cuddled in and he drifted back off until sunrise rubbing my hair. It was just such a memorable moment as he would usually be straight up but I appreciated the extra sleep until we all woke up to the noise of the birds singing.

It wasn’t long after this that he decided it was time to get up – and he was so keen to see the cows! Arthur absolutely adores animals, like most kids.

Playing Games

We had such a fun night in the yurt playing lots of games with Arthur. Having no technology was a real treat, the phones largely stayed away. This allowed us to just be in the moment with our little boy, be really silly and laugh our heads off. We blew bubbles, ran around and had lots of cuddles. I brought some toys for him, however there are a small selection of toys and books in the communal area.



Having never made it to Glastonbury festival, I’ve always been keen to see the town itself having been to Somerset so many times. I had a sense it would be quite charming and quirky – which is exactly what it was! Despite it being a super windy day again on the Saturday, we drove from West Monkton and started exploring Glastonbury.

We made our way through all the nooks and crannies of the main street. There are loads of crystal and healing stores. I love that Glastonbury has maintained it’s high standards of keeping all shops independent with no large chain stores. We found a magical little alleyway, dotted with gorgeous crystals and figures of the Green Man and dragons. Arthur had great fun running around as always.

Glamping in Somerset


We checked out some of the charity shops as Brad hadn’t prepared for the cold and got himself a scarf. Arthur clung to a random toy eel so we got it for him – we don’t often buy him toys but I do love a little keepsake from places we visit, and all the better it was second hand!

Having chatted to some locals in a shop in Glastonbury, they asked if we were heading to a festival running that day. We visited a local skate park where there was a mini get together of skaters, artists spray painting and a dj. We fell in love with the alternative side  of Glastonbury town which kind of took us by surprise. It was a real mix of a quintessential British town with a more alternative and magical touch. Seeing lots of camper vans dotted outside the town was getting our minds ticking for the possibility of us getting one!



Skate Park in Glastonbury

Eating in Glastonbury and Glamping with Food Allergies

We used the BBQ on the first evening to cook up a basic feast. Having some tinfoil for certain foods Arthur eats helps prevent cross contamination. Brad had ran into the supermarket in Taunton on the way to pick up dinner and it was as simple as veggie burgers, buns and salad, with a beer to share. 

The communal kitchen was handy to make our creamy porridge the next morning. It’s especially handy to have this onsite, as any parents who have children with food allergies feel much more comfortable making home made food. It saves stress and hassle. We of course always pack safe snacks for our nibble toddler. Things like rice cakes, food pouches, fruit and oat bars.

Eating out with food allergies can always be a bit of a conundrum. We started off our day in Glastonbury in the Hundred Monkeys Cafe, which we loved. They were great with discussing allergens and I got to enjoy a delicious oat milk mocha and vegan apple crumble. We got Arthur a chocolate oatly baby chino however he was more interested with running about and splashed it everywhere.

Glamping in Somerset

Later on, I picked up some lunch at Excalibur Cafe. This is an all plant based cafe serving delicious organic food. Despite being clear about Arthur’s allergens however, they served my food in a sesame bun and with cashew coleslaw. It’s always good to know whats on the menu as I would have munched them with potential major flare ups in Arthur. They apologised and made fresh ones (which I hate food waste but they reassured me some staff would eat them – phew). I did find this meal as a take away very expensive. However, they do offer a tasty looking lunch buffet called “Arthur’s Feast” for a more reasonable cost. I would love to try this the next time. The place was so packed at lunch time so not ideal with a busy toddler, I got a take away. 

Having spent the day in a very windy Glastonbury, we picked up some bits in the local Lidls in Glastonbury. A trip to Lidl’s is always a more pocket friendly option and easy to find vegan options. Using the communal kitchen at Somerset Yurts, I made some sweet potato fries, rice and lentils for dinner while enjoying some wine. Always having a few nibbles like olives and crips on hand of course for the munchies!

We enjoyed our last evening glamping and being present in each others company.

A final thought which I had not considered before is the fact the yurts are actually located on a dairy farm. This didn’t cross my mind and overall would not be considered a vegan option through funding the dairy industry. It just dawned on me more recently when I saw some memes about vegans going to Glastonbury farm and Vegan Camping out both being on dairy farms. I would love to know your thoughts on the matter?


Disclaimer: We paid for this clamping trip ourselves using a discount code. I was influenced by Amy from the Enchanted Mother following her trip here and it gave me the nudge to go ahead and book this much needed weekend!


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