Becoming a Mum to Arthur was a dream come true. We spent some years wishing and dreaming for him to come along, so we often call him our miracle babe. Becoming parents is one of the biggest learning curves. Most days I feel I’m winging it – so enjoy some of the brain farts on parenting I manage to comprehend, high on caffeine and sugar, low on sleep.

A Vegan Pregnancy

Lots of people asked during my pregnancy whether I would continue being vegan. Many also asked what I will do when raising my little one. People have expressed a genuine interest in how my vegan pregnancy was and I was overwhelmed with the positive intrigue many had on the matter.… View Post

Choosing Arthur’s Name

Choosing Arthur’s Name

  Choosing a baby name can be one of the most divisive topics during pregnancy and post birth. We have some friends who could only decide on the babies name when it became a legal requirement to register the birth. For years I would imagine what I would call my… View Post