Eco Living

I have spent the last year honing in on my consumption habits and the impact these are having environmentally. I have been that person to try and change too much at once, realising that eco burnout can be a thing. So join me on this page for small, achievable steps I have taken on my eco living journey. Eco living is all about being proactive rather than inactive. Its better to change one small thing than do nothing at all.

Squash and Pineapple Coconut Curry

  If there’s one dish for me that never gets boring – it has to be curry. Curry entails various layers and notes of flavours, provided by fresh herbs and spices. At home, if we are not ordering a curry on the weekend, I am cooking one up on a… View Post

Top Tips To Go Vegan

Top Tips To Go Vegan

I created these tips to go vegan as plant based living is on the rise. In the past five years or so apparently it is up 400% in the UK alone. People are more intrigued and interested in going plant based than ever before. Often people ask me whether it… View Post