Hello there – I’m Gill and welcome to my blog.

I’m a 31 year old, coffee drinking, good food cooking and snack lover. From Dublin originally and now live in Surrey with my little boy Arthur and husband Brad. I am vegan and my little boy has food allergies, my husband is or has neither!

I started this blog as a follow on from my Instagram obsession. It’s a place for me to share brain farts on motherhood, my small steps in becoming more sustainable and inspiration for delicious, vegan food.  Also in the mix are some products I truly believe in, my sustainable fashion journey alongside some mental health and self-care. A bit of a mixed bag really – but hey, thats me! If you love simple, healthy dishes and honest experiences on parenting, you’ll feel right at home here.

I have been vegan for five years and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. This was definitely a turning point for me health wise, as I noticed a new clarity and sense of energy I had not experienced in a long time. I was experiencing polycystic ovarian syndrome for some time prior and it seemed it resolved just before I became pregnant. 

I became truly inspired to go vegan through social media, having witnessed some beautiful, rainbow food. This sort of spurred me on to capture my own journey and delicious vegan food. It was for this reason I decided to start my blog and Instagram page.

Going vegan encouraged me to be more daring with food combinations and various flavours, herbs and spices. I love a good cookbook recipe, but I must admit I can be a slap dash type of cook whilst cooking intuitively and resourcefully.

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Food Allergies

Along my journey as a breastfeeding mum and vegan, the biggest struggle has been weaning my little boy who currently has multiple food allergies and environmental allergies. His food allergies include nuts, coconut, sesame, legumes, seeds, dairy and egg. He is sensitive to soya and wheat and many other foods which trigger his eczema. 

It has been a long road in figuring it all out and we are still in the process, however it made me realise that actually not everyone can simply “go vegan”. There must be empathy for individual suffering from health problems. Our intention was to raise Arthur vegan, however food allergies have made this very difficult. It’s been a confusing time, however of course I have accepted my child’s health is my top priority. 

My recipes therefore will be largely allergy friendly, or offer alternatives. Although my recipes will all be vegan, they will not always exclude food allergy ingredients. After all anyone can have food allergies to any food. Navigating food allergies has forced me to get even more creative with foods. Considering food allergies are on the rise exponentially, I aim to share our experiences and some of our favourite dishes/treats which are food allergy friendly.

I work part time as a mental health nurse, which is an absolute privilege. Becoming a nurse has really given me perspective on life. However since having Arthur, I have resigned from my permanent post to care for him. I do the occasional “bank shift” in various hospitals


Some wonderful brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with include Livi, Del MonteKit and Kin, Bambino Mio, Organics Basics, Maxomorra, Friars, Fentimans, Pyrex, Dorset Cereals, Whole Foods, Babease, The Vegan Apron, The Mindful Chef and Oddbox. I have been very fortunate to work with brands that largely align with my ethos of veganism and sustainability. Meanwhile I have had the pleasure of reviewing restaurants, establishments and hotels including Little Ginger, Ripe and NineChicheley Hall, La Suite West, Made in Hackney and Van Gogh Cafe. I have a thing for afternoon tea! Who could say no to bottomless hot beverages, delicious cake and sandwiches? Not me, that’s for sure.

Whilst we are not massive travellers currently, we certainly love exploring as much as we can, be it in the local woods, park or magical gardens. I have featured in Travel Mad Mum’s blog for our day out in Kew Gardens and a weekend away in Oxford.

I’m all about taking my days slowly to prevent the overwhelm! Thank you for joining me on this funny old corner of the internet.

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