Welcome Wonderful People

Life Vegan Style aims to share ideas, inspiration and recipes. The main goal is to demonstrate that living and eating vegan is completely doable, is not restrictive and could enhance your life beyond your wildest dreams!

The variety of plant life never fails to intrigue me, be it seeking out and exploring new flavours and combinations or connecting with people on the topic. I love bold colours and taking inspiration from throughout the globe. Cooking and veganism are a passion of mine, so after much deliberation and encouragement from loved ones – Life Vegan Style was born. You can find much loved classic dishes veganised so you don’t feel like you are missing out.

Veganism goes beyond food – so I will endeavour to discuss and review vegan/cruelty free beauty products and fashion.

Social media has been a big influence on my transition to veganism almost three years ago – so perhaps I can share with you a little of what I’ve gained on my wonderful journey so far.

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