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Coconut oil has so many uses in food and beauty. It really is a magical product and I like to think of it as white gold ✨

enter site The virgin type is pure, unbleached and unrefined – taken straight from fresh coconut milk so it retains all its nutrients and antioxidants. This is why we always have a pot in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and a fresh one in impending baby’s toiletry bag. There really are countless uses for coconut oil – here are some of the ways we use it already in hair, skin and beauty care and plan to use it with bubba. Some more posts to follow on yummy food recipes! interracial dating photos

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Coconut oil is an all in one if you’re looking to cut back on so many bottles and tubs. 

Here’s why:

1. Oil pulling: an ancient Indian tradition – swirl a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth instead of mouthwash. It has natural antibacterial and antibacterial properties – while also keeping your teeth white 😁

2. Moisturiser: all over, just your hands, just your face, on your beautiful growing pregnant belly. Coconut has deeply moisturising and nourishing properties – and smells great as a bonus. The other half uses it regularly to keep his tats looking fresh. I’ve more recently been lasting it on after getting sunburnt! It’s so soothing. 

3. Hair mask: coconut oil can penetrate the hair follicles better than your average conditioner. Smooth some in your hands and rub it through the ends for half an hour before you wash your hair – or overnight for extra care. It will give your hair added shine also and lots of nourishment – like giving it a drink ✨

4. Face scrub: this comes with a warning – it is divine. For a one use batch – add two tablespoons of melted coconut oil to four tablespoons brown sugar – with a few drops of your favourite essential oil (vanilla is lush with this). Alternatively you could make a bigger batch and keep it in a jar. It is so good and a literal face food ✨ and big bonus of NO MICRO-BEADS. You could be tempted to eat this! 

5. Shaving/body hair: a very inexpensive, natural and nourishing alternative to mainstream shaving products. It has natural antimicrobial properties and is deeply nourishing for your skin during a somewhat corrosive process. Otherwise – don’t shave and nourish your beautiful body hair with a drop of coconut oil 😜

6. Makeup remover – I tell the truth! It’s pretty effective in breaking down all those tough pigments plied during the makeup process. I use the large oval cotton pads with a blob of coconut oil to get all the grime off. I even love smoothing it down my neck 🙂

7. Massage oil – if you can’t convince your partner to give you a massage – convince them by instigating. It feels so good melting a lump and watching it melt away into your other halves skin. 
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source link Please be mindful that coconuts can be an allergy for some people including newborns 🌿

1. Nappy rash: a natural alternative for baby’s sensitive skin – without the worry of extensive chemicals in some products. Coconut can heal the nappy rash while also protecting against it.

2. Moisturiser: post bath ✨ again a natural alternative for little dry spots on bubba with all its healthy fats and vitamins absorbed. 

3. Baby massage: I cannot wait for this! Such a bonding time with baby – I will mix coconut oil with lavender essential oil for a soothing massage

4. Cradle cap: newborns are prone to dry flaky scalp – so a little blob of coconut oil can be deeply nourish for his head

5. That first poo! Meconium – which is apparently like tar that sticks everywhere. I’ve read advice to put Vaseline (um petroleum) on babies legs before putting on first nappy – we’ll be avoiding petroleum on our newborn and opt for this natural alternative. I’m going to put a small blob in a little pot for our hospital bag ✨

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tips på binära optioner I was sent this pot of virgin coconut oil by Natural Empire and can vouch for its quality! It has certainly lived up to many of the ways I usually use coconut oil. 🌱

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