Wearth London

A very wonderful new eco-conscious store is in town which allows you to shop by values. Showcasing sustainable, homegrown UK brands, it’s all your green soul could desire.

Wearth London have recently launched their online store. The eco department store ranges from beauty, homeware, jewellery, lifestyle, furniture, gifts and childrens wear.

Shop By Values

Wearth London have intertwined shopping consciously while upholding quality and style. It’s so nice to have such a dedicated store available that won’t have you second guessing the source of the product.

Being vegan and recently striving towards zero waste, having this criteria is not only helpful but actually makes my heart burst. And to include companies with social contributions also is amazing. Sometimes in the run up to Christmas, not consuming is impossible – but conscious consuming is totally possible with the following shop by values section on Wearth London’s new site:

  • Vegan friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in the UK
  • Natural ingredients
  • Plastic free
  • Recycleable packaging
  • Recycled materials
  • Sustainable materials
  • Social contribution

As always my attention is usually brought to the baby selection of products, because you know, it’s all about bubba now. But equally I’m not wanting to accumulate stuff we do not need or will carry an eco guilty conscience.

Biodegradable Swaddle Blanket

The Little Art Collection have designed a beautiful baby swaddle blanket – which always serve as a multipurpose. It’s made of bamboo and cotton, making it really soft. Be it covering little man up in between changing and feeds (he always falls asleep half dressed or naked mid feed!) or having a gorgeous blanket for on the go. Its definitely getting good use. Arthur sometimes snuggles up to it for his morning nap. It’s also nice it is all natural so is gentle on his sensitive, excema prone skin.

Wearth London

” Hey Mum, you’re pants at swaddling “

I’m in love with the emperor butterfly design on this. I also love that it was designed by Ele Grafton, an independent artist and mum of two from Somerset. Much like me – I find the geometric patterns of nature absolutely stunning and quite magical.

Recycling – Reusing

Wearth London are taking packaging and plastic seriously. The blanket came in a recyclable box, wrapped in brown paper. The box coincidently, says “Little Art” – short for Arthur – on it so we can even keep it to reuse another time.

When Arthur was a newborn we were going through so many muslins for the unexpected poo explosions. I’ve now manage to upcycle some of the older, very grubby muslin cloths which were a little stained, clean, but stained. They’re now used as cleaning cloths and I have one for the windows in the car now it is mistier. This beautiful butterfly swaddle however will be cared for and definitely not used for bums! Even though I’m rubbish at swaddling, it really is a gorgeous blanket.

Overall, I am in love with the ethos and values of Wearth London and already have some of their other zero waste and social contribution gifts on my wish list. Things I would really value and hopefully make a difference environmentally and socially

Wearth London are also offering 10% off your first order if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Note: Wearth London gifted us this blanket. We were not obliged to do a review, however I feel very passionately about such a forward thinking, eco-conscious store, so I will continue to shout from the roof about it!

Nosh Vegan Afternoon Tea

Enjoy a wonderful dining experience by booking a vegan afternoon tea at Nosh’s Kitchen, La Suite West.

Vegan Afternoon Tea

Having spent an afternoon at Nosh Garden Kitchen previously – I was really keen to return to try out the famous vegan afternoon tea. Many people had recommended Nosh’s afternoon tea at La Suite West – even on the Vegans in London Facebook group this was coming out on top for recommendations. I’ve written about Nosh’s tranquil garden terrace at La Suite West previously, part of the reason I was so keen to return.

Although it was a rainy London day – the leafy roof protected us and still enabled an al fresco dining experience. It is like a leafy oasis on the terrace.

La Suite West
Once again, I was not disappointed with the experience or the food. Nosh’s twist on a classic afternoon tea, a la vegan was a special treat to share with a good friend. Despite afternoon tea being quite a traditional concept, Nosh have made it contemporary and nailed it by offering a lush vegan alternative. Not only is a vegan afternoon tea offered, true to their ethos Nosh have options to cater for a number of allergies. Nosh specialise in superfoods, which are naturally preservative and additive free.

Served on individual slates, we had a combination of finger sandwiches, cakes, fresh berries and of course the delicious coconut cream. I had been particularly excited to try the coconut cream having heard nothing but good reviews on how delicious it is. There was no disappointment what was on offer.  Our waitress Maria, who was super friendly and helpful, explained everything to us clearly. Maria was attentive to refill our drinks and provide any extra favourite nibbles to us.




Vegan Afternoon Tea – What did we have?

We started off with a refreshing glass of sparkling grape juice. We then had a choice of various teas and coffee, with all the alternative milks available. There was no limit on top ups – but you soon get full! I enjoyed an almond milk latte before sharing a pot of peppermint and a pot of hibiscus with my friend.

The beautiful platter included:


  • Smoked tempeh and rocket salad
  • Scrambled tofu and mustard cress
  • Cashew nut cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, basil

Sweet Treats
The chefs selection of desserts 

  • Warm home made scone with fresh whipped coconut cream and strawberries
  • Gooey chocolate brownie
  • Carrot cake
  • Bliss ball


The two most memorable treats for me had to be the smoked tempeh sandwiches, the gooey chocolate brownie and of course that coconut cream. We shared a top up of the smoked tempeh sandwiches as these were our favourite. If you’re full, you have the option to take any remaining treats home for later.

As always at La Suite West, the service is outstanding. The vegan afternoon tea here was a memorable occasion. It would be the perfect treat to catch up with family or friends. It would also be a wonderful surprise for someone’s birthday, baby shower or to kick off a hen do in London. I believe the vegan afternoon tea is well worth the value for money, as pure quality is delivered.

Not far from Portobello Road market, it’s easy to make a day of it. Despite the rain, we enjoyed visiting some of the local colourful houses in the area. You can book in for a vegan afternoon tea at Nosh right here at La Suite West.



Nosh provided us with this vegan afternoon tea experience. I was not obliged to write about it, however felt the need to share it with other foodies. I would return in a heartbeat.  

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Uses
Coconut oil has so many uses in food and beauty. It really is a magical product and I like to think of it as white gold ✨

The virgin type is pure, unbleached and unrefined – taken straight from fresh coconut milk so it retains all its nutrients and antioxidants. This is why we always have a pot in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and a fresh one in impending baby’s toiletry bag.

There really are countless uses for coconut oil – here are some of the ways we use it already in hair, skin and beauty care and plan to use it with bubba. Some more posts to follow on yummy food recipes!

Hair, skin and beauty 
Coconut oil is an all in one if you’re looking to cut back on so many bottles and tubs. 

Here’s why:

1. Oil pulling: an ancient Indian tradition – swirl a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth instead of mouthwash. It has natural antibacterial and antibacterial properties – while also keeping your teeth white 😁

2. Moisturiser: all over, just your hands, just your face, on your beautiful growing pregnant belly. Coconut has deeply moisturising and nourishing properties – and smells great as a bonus. The other half uses it regularly to keep his tats looking fresh. I’ve more recently been lasting it on after getting sunburnt! It’s so soothing. 

3. Hair mask: coconut oil can penetrate the hair follicles better than your average conditioner. Smooth some in your hands and rub it through the ends for half an hour before you wash your hair – or overnight for extra care. It will give your hair added shine also and lots of nourishment – like giving it a drink ✨

4. Face scrub: this comes with a warning – it is divine. For a one use batch – add two tablespoons of melted coconut oil to four tablespoons brown sugar – with a few drops of your favourite essential oil (vanilla is lush with this). Alternatively you could make a bigger batch and keep it in a jar. It is so good and a literal face food ✨ and big bonus of NO MICRO-BEADS. You could be tempted to eat this! 

5. Shaving/body hair: a very inexpensive, natural and nourishing alternative to mainstream shaving products. It has natural antimicrobial properties and is deeply nourishing for your skin during a somewhat corrosive process. Otherwise – don’t shave and nourish your beautiful body hair with a drop of coconut oil 😜

6. Makeup remover – I tell the truth! It’s pretty effective in breaking down all those tough pigments plied during the makeup process. I use the large oval cotton pads with a blob of coconut oil to get all the grime off. I even love smoothing it down my neck 🙂

7. Massage oil – if you can’t convince your partner to give you a massage – convince them by instigating. It feels so good melting a lump and watching it melt away into your other halves skin. 

For baby

Please be mindful that coconuts can be an allergy for some people including newborns 🌿

1. Nappy rash: a natural alternative for baby’s sensitive skin – without the worry of extensive chemicals in some products. Coconut can heal the nappy rash while also protecting against it.

2. Moisturiser: post bath ✨ again a natural alternative for little dry spots on bubba with all its healthy fats and vitamins absorbed. 

3. Baby massage: I cannot wait for this! Such a bonding time with baby – I will mix coconut oil with lavender essential oil for a soothing massage

4. Cradle cap: newborns are prone to dry flaky scalp – so a little blob of coconut oil can be deeply nourish for his head

5. That first poo! Meconium – which is apparently like tar that sticks everywhere. I’ve read advice to put Vaseline (um petroleum) on babies legs before putting on first nappy – we’ll be avoiding petroleum on our newborn and opt for this natural alternative. I’m going to put a small blob in a little pot for our hospital bag ✨

I was sent this pot of virgin coconut oil by Natural Empire and can vouch for its quality! It has certainly lived up to many of the ways I usually use coconut oil. 🌱

Nosh Garden Kitchen Review

Nosh Garden Kitchen, La Suite West, Inverness Terrace,
Nosh Garden Kitchen is tucked away in the leafy corner of Bayswater, located perfectly at La Suite West. This oasis is the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy a range of delicious, nutrient dense food, where a very special vegan menu is delivered. Needless to say I was in my element. 

La Suite West has perfect chilled summer vibes and it felt like being on holidays. Having taken a half day from work to meet my sister and a friend, we enjoyed an extended afternoon munch, while sipping on non-alcoholic strawberry mojitos. These were to die for. The location and experience was perfect for us pregnant ladies as we kicked back in the tranquil garden terrace. 

Nosh Detox
Nosh are already well established in the health industry. They have pioneered home weight loss and detox programmes in the UK with raw juices, while collecting many awards along the way. They provide nutrient dense, intelligent food while not compromising on flavour – I can vouch for that! 

Nosh now offers a number of niche diet programmes including low carb, low sugar, paleo, vegan, pegan (paleo + vegan), alkalising and cleansing. These are tailored in a holistic manner aimed to empower the individual to take control of their own nutritional needs. This is enhanced by the nutritional coaching offered.

It’s easy to pass some of these diets off as fads. However, there is a science and ethos behind it. Nosh have a great understanding of what food does to our bodily system, particularly the gut. I have a great interest in probiotics and maintaining a healthy gut so was intrigued to find out more. 

With such fine tuned, nutritious food, a mixed clientele have been supported through various problems such as chronic fatigue, allergies, weight loss, post-partum recovery in addition to achieving overall health and wellbeing. 

I was fascinated by owner, Geeta’s journey as Nosh’s founder. Geeta developed this specialised service following years of supporting her son through numerous allergies. Amazingly, he has gone from 150% to 10-20% allergies which is just one testament to how adapting what we feed ourselves can benefit our health immensely. 

I loved Geeta’s charisma and how she has turned her passion and knowledge in caring for her son into the public sphere – offering a holistic service revered by many, including celebrities. 

Vegan Carpaccio
I had the pleasure of trying their new vegan menu available at the Nosh Garden Kitchen. All of the foods we had were additive, dairy, gluten, egg and preservative free and naturally high in nutrients being primarily raw. Being almost 8 months pregnant and waiting to finish full time work, I can occasionally feel stressed and tired. It felt good to leave with a happy tummy and feeling replenished. 

Funnily enough nosh means to eat food enthusiastically – here’s some of the treats we noshed (devoured!):

* Nibbles: mixed Italian olives, activated tamari almonds and kale chips. 

* Starters: courgette rolls with pesto and tapenede, beetroot carpaccio with activated cashew cheese and capers 

Vegan Pesto Courgette Rolls
* Mains: Black bean and mushroom burgers, Vegan Caesar Salad with Tofu, Black and White quinoa salad with white beans and artichokes

Vegan Caeser Salad
* Dessert: Chocolate brownie with banana and vanilla iScream

Vegan brownies
* Drinks: virgin apple martinis, strawberry mojitos, fresh mint tea

Virgin strawberry mojito
With excellent customer service offered by La Suite West staff, we felt very well attended to. Our drinks never went dry and having such lovely friendly faces really did enhance the overall experience. 

Rumour has it the vegan afternoon tea there is divine – and the coconut cream seems to have gained some notoriety. I’m thinking I must return and share the experience with others. 

Nibbles and drinks were provided as part of a collaboration – a written review was not required, however I felt the need to share my wonderful experience. 

Maria Nila Review 

Having tried out a few different vegan option shampoos – I was finding it tricky to find a good quality one that was doing my hair good. I had tried some high street brands and some more natural alternatives. I found some of them very drying on my already thin hair. Maria Nila was recommended on a group page – and people were raving about it so I had to give it a go.

This amazing creation comes from Sweden and has been in business for 30 years.

I found Maria Nila’s shampoo and conditioner combo to be extremely nourishing. Not only is it 100% vegan, it is free from sulphates and parabens and has repairing algae – how clever is that? It also acts as a colour guard complex.

Although Maria Nila is slightly pricey compared to high street brands, it is still affordable and definitely worth paying that bit extra in order to give your hair the love it deserves. I paid £30.95 including postage and packaging – and it arrived fairly quick. I hear you can also find it in some salons in the UK.

This is the structure repair one which I felt would do good after a year of highlighted hair. Originally I was thinking I need to sort out my hair and maintain it for my upcoming wedding – which we have now postponed because of little baby bubba due – roll on lush pregnancy hair!

I have since made a decision that Maria Nila will be a staple product for my hair. It is that good!

I’ve had complements on how nice it smells. I can honestly say the conditioner is one of the best I’ve used. A small blob leaves your hair so silky and the easiest to brush. Especially if you’ve got thin hair, also that tangles easily, but equally I’m sure would work great in other hair types. It certainly leaves no feeling of greasiness which some conditioners do.

I’ve been swimming almost everyday while on holidays – seawater and swimming pool and honestly do not feel my hair condition has been compromised. It lasts a good while also – with my first lot still going about 2 months strong now.

Overall – I found Maria Nila to keep my hair in great condition. I no longer have those fly away hairs noticeable with highlighted hair (although I have since gone darker). It’s been nourishing, leaving my hair strong, soft and healthy.

Next time I’m going to give the pure volume set a go and am already excited. They also have a range of colour refresh products that have great reviews.

So if your looking for a delicous, animal friendly alternative to your usual hair washing routine – check out this Maria Nila’s wonderful brand 🐰