About Me

Hello – I’m Gill.

Welcome to Life Vegan Style.

I’m from Ireland originally, living in Surrey with my fiance Brad, our sun Arthur Bear and fur baby Harry.

 I’m a qualified community mental health nurse, with a passion for promoting mental health, improving services and breaking down stigma. Currently on maternity leave I hope to develop the blog with all things vegan! 

Cooking, eating and attempting to make food look fancy are hobbies of mine – even though I make a mess along the way! Smoothies and frosty milkshakes are my favorite. Roasted veg is a comfort dish and I eat nut butter straight out of the jar (who doesn’t?!). Bananas are a staple at home and the fruit bowl is always stocked up.

At the gym – I like to lift heavy things, throw in some cardio, a nice swim and I adore a juicy yoga session. I will be honest and admit I struggle with motivation sometimes and go through phases of having a gym routine amongst life changes. I’m not here to pretend I’m a gym bunny or health freak. I benefit from practicing mindfulness amongst the chaos of life and am a nature lover. I love the outdoors and being surrounded by green (or whatever other beautiful colours Mumma nature presents) – especially Autumn!

Veganism is my passion and I sometimes don’t know how I didn’t transition sooner. I was totally uninformed before and oblivious to the impact my behaviours had on the welfare of animals, the environment and my health. I love the concept of practicing compassion and non-violence on a daily basis – and attempt to do so even with my words. Language is magic so they say, however I am Irish so swear words are very common!

I will be completely honest amongst the health and “clean eating” trends. I try to eat healthy and I do so most of the time. However I believe in balance. I don’t do guilt. I do eat chocolate. I drink alcohol occasionally. I eat processed food sometimes. I am fully aware of the impacts these can have – however I do so in moderation. There are times after a long day when I’m so tired and all I fancy are crumpets with marmite or a big bag of crisps. Equally, there are times when I make the effort to make delicious healthy desserts and dishes. Balance my friends.

Another element I am still learning about is vegan beauty products and fashion. I have acquainted myself with many high street brands and have managed to replace my whole make-up bag to vegan and cruelty free products (wahoo!). I was shocked to learn of the cruel and horrific testing on animals that occurs unnecessarily in the beauty industry. I was equally shocked to learn animal products can be used in beauty products (ew!). Fashion wise – I avoid all leather, wool, silk and fur. There are so many faux alternatives that suit any style and for any occasion.

I look forward to sharing my vegan life with you!