About Me

Hello – I’m Gill.

Welcome to Life Vegan Style.

What is Life Vegan Style?

Life Vegan Style is a blog designed to be inclusive, informative and inspirational to those who are interested in vegan living. Here you will find plenty of delicious food posts, alongside vegan motherhood, gentle parenting, adventures and travel, zero waste journeying and everything in between!

Whats new on Life Vegan Style?

I am currently on a my own eco journey in reducing waste and our impact as a family on the environment. We are striving for a more sustainable household and living. This year, we are attempting to grow the most amount of home grown plant foods we have ever done. My other half, Brad is the green fingers in the garden, while I’m the dab hand in the kitchen. I hope to share with you any zero waste hacks I have discovered along the way.

So Who’s this Gill person?

I’m from Ireland originally, living in Surrey with my soon to be husband Brad, our sun Arthur Bear and fur baby Harry.

 I’m a qualified community mental health nurse, with a passion for promoting mental health, improving services and breaking down stigma. Currently on maternity leave I continue to develop my blog with interesting content.

What’s my vegan jam?

Cooking, eating and attempting to make food look fancy are hobbies of mine – even though I make a mess along the way! Smoothies and frosty milkshakes are my favorite. Roasted veg is a comfort dish and I eat nut butter straight out of the jar (who doesn’t?!). Bananas are a staple at home and the fruit bowl is always stocked up. Our favourite dish so far has to be a creamy daal.

At the gym – I like to lift heavy things, throw in some cardio, a nice swim and I adore a juicy yoga session. I will be honest and admit I struggle with motivation sometimes and go through phases of having a gym routine amongst life changes. I’m not here to pretend I’m a gym bunny or health freak. I benefit from practicing mindfulness amongst the beautiful chaos of life and am a nature lover. I love the outdoors and being surrounded by green (or whatever other beautiful colours Mumma nature presents) – especially Autumn! I always look forward to summer so we can chill in the garden, eat strawberries from the bush and have vegan BBQ’s with friend, family and naked babies watering our plants.

When and how did I go vegan?

I first became interested in veganism around 2013. I became intrigued in some really gorgeous vegan Instagram accounts. One particular post advertising World Animal Day November 2013 struck a cord with me. Having played around with lots of vegetarian food at the time, I was slowly taking a turn off animal products. I decided to go vegan for that World Animal Day 2013 – and remember I was not perhaps fully prepared. I found it slightly difficult as I wasn’t equipped with certain products or in the know. I rocked up to Brads house on a Friday evening for a dinner party with a sweet potato in hand while they all ate spaghetti and garlic bread (note anything garlic is my favourite).

After finding this day slightly challenging and always lusting over garlic bread, I was determined to nail some yummy vegan meals. This is where the momentum started growing. However it was not until March the following year I declared full veganism as a “challenge” for Lent (not for religious purposes at all) and I was only too delighted to discover it was not a challenge as I was then so ready to be vegan for the rest of my life! I felt so good, much lighter and had a certain clarity I’d never felt before.

Veganism is my passion and I sometimes don’t know how I didn’t transition sooner. I was totally uninformed before and oblivious to the impact my behaviours had on the welfare of animals, the environment and my health. I love the concept of practicing compassion and non-violence on a daily basis – and attempt to do so even with my words. Language is magic so they say, however I am Irish so swear words are very common!

I will be completely honest amongst the health and “clean eating” trends. I try to eat healthy and I do so most of the time. However I believe in balance. I don’t do guilt. I do eat chocolate. I drink alcohol occasionally. I eat processed food sometimes. I am fully aware of the impacts these can have – however I do so in moderation. There are times after a long day when I’m so tired and all I fancy are crumpets with marmite or a big bag of crisps. Equally, there are times when I make the effort to make delicious healthy desserts and dishes. Balance my friends.

I look forward to sharing my vegan life with you!